1stPayMobile Support


Additional users may be created to access 1stPayMobile and run transactions.

Create Users

Subusers must be created in the Transaction Center. Instructions to do so can be found here. After following these instructions, refer to the section below to configure Mobile Permissions for those users.

Mobile Permissions

After creating a subuser, mobile permissions must be designated so that he or she can access the 1stPayMobile App.

  • Mobile PIN: Enter a 4-digit PIN in the space provided. PIN must consist of all numbers. This will be used by the subuser to log into 1stPayMobile.
  • Disable Mobile Account: Check this box to prevent Users from accessing their Mobile app account. Uncheck this box to allow Users access to their Mobile app account.
  • Mobile Transaction Permissions: Place a checkmark next to each Transaction Type your User should have access to in the Mobile app.

    Note: Store & Forward will display here as an option if Store & Forward has been enabled for the account in Main Options Mobile Settings.

  • Click Add User (Or Submit if editing an existing user).
User Mobile Settings

Article written by Leanne E.