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Troubleshooting Guide for 1stPayMobile App

Question or Issue: Troubleshooting Steps:
Downloaded 1stPayMobile and can't activate it Are you the Admin or a User?
  • If you are the account Admin, refer to your 1stPayMobile activation email for your account information.
  • If you are a User, contact the account administrator for your login information and mobile PIN.
Geo-location does not appear on the emailed receipts Do you have a GPS-enabled device?
  • iPhones are GPS-enabled.
  • 3G iPads are GPS-enabled.
  • Wi-Fi Only iPads do not support GPS; Geo-location will not work if using a Wi-Fi Only iPad.
If Yes, see the following:
  1. Make sure that Location Services are turned "ON" for the device and for 1stPayMobile. From your Apple device, go to Settings Location Services.
  2. Set to "ON".
  3. Scroll down and find 1stPayMobile in the list of apps and set this to "ON".

Q: Why wasn?t GPS enabled for 1stPayMobile?
A: When you installed 1stPayMobile to your mobile device, you did not give permission for 1stPayMobile to use your current location.

Geo-location does not appear on the printed receipts Printed Receipts do not support the Geo-location feature.
I forgot my mobile PIN Are you the Admin or a User?
  • If you are the Admin: Log into your Transaction Center and go to: Main Options Mobile Settings. You will be able to see your mobile PIN on this screen. To create a new mobile PIN, enter a new 4 digit PIN in the space provided, scroll down and click 'Save Settings'.
  • If you are a User: Contact your account administrator to reset your PIN.
I received a message "Mod 10 check failed" This usually means the credit card number that was entered is invalid.
How do I Register multiple devices for my PIN? Install 1stPayMobile to the mobile devices. Open 1stPayMobile and tap 'Activate My Account'. Follow the prompts to activate the device. You will need your Transaction Center ID, Username, and Mobile PIN.
If the screen only has History and not an option to process a transaction This can only happen to a User. Admins have all transaction permissions enabled.
  • If you are a User, you must contact your administrator to set up mobile transaction permissions in User Settings.
  • If you are the Admin, login to your Transaction Center and go to: User Management Modify User Settings. Find your User in the list of Users and click 'Mobile Settings' on the far right. In the 'Mobile Device Permissions' section, place a checkmark next to each transaction type you would like to enable for this User and click 'Submit' when finished.
Why does my 1stPayMobile app say "No Internet Connection"?
  1. Make sure your mobile device is not in Airplane Mode. Check the upper left corner of your mobile device for an airplane icon; if one is present, it means you are in Airplane Mode. 1stPayMobile will not work in Airplane Mode. To turn off Airplane Mode, go to Settings Airplane Mode and set this to 'OFF'.
  2. Check the internet connection on your mobile device. Check your internet connection to see if you're on 3G, Edge, or Wi-Fi. Check the upper left corner of your mobile device for a 3G, Edge, or Wi-Fi icon. Try opening a web browser on your mobile device and see if you can get to other sites online. You may need to turn Data Roaming "ON" if you are in a remote area.


    On your mobile device, go to: Settings General Network and set Data Roaming to 'ON'.

Article written by Leanne E.