Shopping Cart Support

Managing Customers

You have the ability to maintain a database of customers. Whenever a customer makes a purchase from your online store, they must enter their billing and shipping addresses, as well as email address. After their first purchase, a profile is automatically created for them in your store. This can be used to track customer purchase histories, maintain customer relationships, and manage customer contact information.

View/Edit a Customer

To view a customer's profile:

  1. Go to Customers View/Edit
  2. If you'd like to search for a specific customer or group of customers, click + Filter and enter the search criteria
  3. Once you have located the customer you'd like to manage, click Edit next to that customer.
    Edit Customer
  4. You may then make any changes necessary to information fields, and click Save Changes at the top right hand side of the screen. For more information on each tab, see the list below:

Customer Information Tabs:

  • Info: This is the main contact and login information for your customers. Here you can view and edit their contact, email, shipping and billing information. You may also assign a customer to a Customer Group. You may also log into the customer's account on your live store to review how the store functions specifically for them, and troubleshoot any issues they may report.
  • Orders: This tab provides a list of the customer's full order history, including order status and links to the orders within your cart.
  • Products: Similar to the Orders Tab, this tab shows the customer's history of items purchased.
  • CRM: If you have enabled the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), all of your customer's support tickets will be in the CRM tab. This area shows each customer's tickets with responses and interactions.

    Note: For this feature, CRM needs to be enabled. See this article for more information.

  • Reviews: If the customer has written any product reviews within your store, those reviews will be listed in this tab. Product Reviews need to be enabled for your store in order for this to take effect. To enable Product Reviews, go to Settings General Store Modules.
  • Waiting List: If the customer has signed up for a waiting list for an out of stock product, their request can be viewed from this tab.
  • Stats: This tab shows statistical information about the customer's purchase history and trends.
  • Affiliate: For customers that are also affiliates, their order and payout history can be viewed here.
  • Rewards: This tab can be used to review customer's rewards point history over time. You also have the ability to add rewards points manually here.

Manually Adding a Customer

You can manually add customers to your store. To do so:

  1. Go to Customers View/Edit
  2. Click + Add New
    Add New Customer
  3. Enter desired customer information
  4. Click Save Changes to add to their profile.
    Save Changes

Article written by Leanne E.